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Personal diary

Personal diary

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21st august 2017 : Great ideas are shared... Atelier by Babeth S Sewing created those clothes matching perfectly our collection !



16th august 2016 : Ravishing fashion designer Eugénie Mane once again published a photo with her creation and her sandals by Salomé Paris.




05th august 2017 : Charming Caroline Marquis shared some photos of her Mademoiselle in red on her blog and on her Instagram :

Caroline Marquis  Marquis_blog

Instagram  Marquis Instagram




25th july 2017 : Charming Catherine wore her favorite sandals and kindly sent us the photo ! Thank you



20th July 2017 :

Eugénie Mane shared one more time photos of her Salomé Paris shoes : how do you like them ?

bord_de_mer_1  bord_de_mer_2


15th July 2017 : Fashion designer Eugénie Mane shared new images of her sandals Mademoiselle :

robe_rayee    Eugénie-Mane


01st July 2017 : Eugénie Mane posted today a picture of her wearing her designed clothes and her sandals Mademoiselle in red ! We are very honored.


30th June : Eugénie Mane, fashion design in slow fashion unique items, going a wild range from marriage dress to jacket, tops, trousers, skirts etc... just bought herself a pair of Mademoiselle in red. A great meeting allowed us to have a wonderful relationship with that talented woman and that unique artistic spirit !

Follow her by clicking on the picture or on her name ! 





25th June 2017 : Mila Milivojevic chose Salomé Paris and the wedges sandals Mademoiselle for her daily selection ! It's a great honor to be among those luxury brands and to know that Mila loves her work and let the world know.




16th June 2017 : Another pair of Mademoiselle, our wedges sexy sandals in extremely limited edition is going to England.... And you ? Do you have your Salomé Paris ?





07th june 2017 :

Famous fashion blogger Chiara Costigliolo honors us with a second post on her blog and on her Instagram profile ! Discover the photos of a girl crazy for fashion :



07th May 2017 : T-shirts are available in the boutique ! Discover three designs : Lollipop lthe pretty blond little girl with a lollipop, Martine who is walking in a park and Marie, a strong woman in a retro Art Nouveau frame. Three sizes : S M or L. Three shapes : round neck, V-neck or tank shirt, only 5 of each design, size and shape.


col_V tank_park col_rond_Marie


05th May 2017 : Chiara made pretty photos of our shoes !

photo_2  Chiara shesinfashionblog



05th May 2017 : Chiara of on Instagram posted new photos of her beautiful shoes, of course the sandals Mademoiselle blue wedges that she loves :  Instagram



26th avril 2017 :


Follow on Instagram ! She posted her Mademoiselle in blue, she adores her wedges sandals... Only missing the sunshine of Italy to wear them.


15th april 2017 :

Giulia Ristuccia honors us with a publication on her Instagram (find her also on her website for the Mademoiselle in blue :

Giulia_Ristuccia     Giulia_Ristuccia_1

Magical !



29th March 2017 :

Chiara Costigliolo is an influent blogger : 52 100 followers Instagram (, dozen thousands visitors on her website on Facebook and Tweeter. She got herself a pair of Mademoiselle, choosing the blue sandals made of french toile de Jouy.

Pretty soon she'll  elle enchant her followers showing those fntastic shoes on her feet. Salomé Paris is very proud of her choice and thank her warmly.



21st March 2017 :

  Giulia Ristuccia (Instagram giulia.ristuccia,, Facebook Giulia Ristuccia) decided to get herself a pair of Mademoiselle in blue color. Very soon, she'll wear them and put the photos on her social networks  : follow her ! She lives in Sicilia, she is beautiful and very funny.




03rd March 2017 : It's new ! Limited edition t-shirts only 15 of each...

Discover Marie, a woman who lived last century : strong, elegant, worthy, she worked and raised her children with courage. 


classique  col_large  tank




20th february 2017 : A new ad on Instagram & Youtube to introduce Mademoiselle !




19th January 2017 : Valentine day is coming.... Let someone you love offer you those Mademoiselle in blue, in red, oor both ! You're alone ? Get yourself those shoes and you'll surely find love soon.


Saint_valentin_SMALL_rouge   Saint_valentin_small_bleu


29th december 2016 : Prétoria in South Africa welcomes the limited edition of  Mademoiselle ! Why choose one colour when you can have them both ?




13th december 2016 :


Christmas is coming and presents are on their way... What season ? Who cares ! What's important is to have a limited edition, pretty and original shoes, so french.


30th november 2016 :


Another pair is leaving... South Africa is a beautiful country, marvelous place where the sun shines. Those Mademoiselle sandals are very lucky to travel. 


14th november 2016 :


Where does this pair go to ? You guess ! A sunny place, while it's winter on the north hemisphere...


01st november 2016 :


Australia welcomes Mademoiselle for summertime... Yes, there is always a summer somewhere ! South hemisphere sees the sun coming and enjoys the limited edition 50 pairs only of wedges sandals in french toile de Jouy. Slow fashion by Salomé Paris.


17th october 2016 : new photos signed by Thierry Martina.

IMG_2973 IMG_2986


IMG_2996  IMG_3011



05th October 2016 : When Catherine recieves a gift, it's a pair of Mademoiselle in red ! Of course... And she sends us a picture !



29th september 2016 : One pair of blue Mademoiselle go to... France ! The Parisienne is also for her home country. And YOU ? Do you have your Mademoiselle ?




20th september 2016 : delicious Caroline Marquis, fashion blogger who presents ONLY her own things she bought without collabs nore sponsoring, bought herself a red pair of Mademoiselle !  Check out her website and discover her she's so unique, so Parisienne....

logo-marquise   Caroline_Marquis



10th september 2016 :

Philippe Lebret infographist had fun turning a famous painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard into... Carefully look at the shoes of the woman ! 




09th september 2016 :

BlondeSurrender talks about Mademoiselle and of Salomé Paris ! Follow her @angelesciacio and





07 september 2016 : Maria, spanish fashion blogger, showes some photos with her Mademoiselle !

Maria_2    Maria_4

Get your pair now !


04th september 2016 :

Fashion blogger Lyra talks about Salomé Paris and presents Mademoiselle in blue ! Discover the article on her blog : and on her social networks



03rd september 2016 :

Pretty Maria presents a picture of Mademoiselle in red she just recieved... She loves them ! Fashionbloggers all over the world are talking about Salomé Paris, and we thank them warmly



24th august 2016 :

Maria Pintado has a pair of Mademoiselle in red ! Follow that famous fashionblogger and on social networks Instagram @dostaconesparamiarmario & Facebook. ome photos of Maria wearing her shoes pretty soon !




20th August 2016 :

Enjoying the summertime in Paris on the grass burnt by the sunshine...



09th August 2016 :

Mademoiselle and Paris, the wedge sandals women shoes welcome you to the city !



07th August 2016 :

Discover a video of Salomé Paris




First of August 2016 :

The workshop have finally finished the wedges Mademoiselle and DHL is shipping them tonight.... It'll be in Paris by the end of week, finally ! ​

July, 20th 2016

Rue_Mademoiselle_rouge_small Rue_Mademoiselle_bleu_small

We couldn't resist to bring the Mademoiselle model to the Mademoiselle street in Paris !

Those last days french TV France 2 hosted a documentary about the life of La Grande Mademoiselle, who was the cousin of King Louis XIV (yes, the one who had Versailles built) she was a strong minded, very wealthy and clever woman looking for love.

And OCS channel also sets Salomé the movie with Rita Hayworth.

Coincidence ? I don't think so... Isn't life magical ?


July, 19th 2016


China is marvelous ! A friend of mine already saw our new brand with the Mademoiselle model in red and blue. I don't understand what's written on it, but it's so sweet to see this creation already around the world !